• We are Brave New Teaching:

    A Coalition of

    Kentucky Teachers.

    Commonwealth Collaboration for the Future of Schools.

  • About Us

    We are an open, collaborative coalition of educators in Kentucky who want

    to learn from one another & grow together in these changing times.

    Events for Educators to Connect.

    We host online events in a closed setting for educators in Kentucky to discuss topics relevant to teaching & learning in changing times.

    Open Discussions & Live Panels.

    Join us on social media for EdChats with the hashtag #BNTKY.

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    Safe Spaces; Critical Conversations.

    We facilitate relevant, necessary conversations amongst Kentucky educators to support authentic growth & collaboration.

    Collaborative Opportunities to Learn.

    Educators want a place to learn from each other openly & directly. We facilitate critical conversations & hold space for genuine engagement.

  • Who We Are

    We're Kentucky educators from across the Commonwealth who want to facilitate authentic learning opportunities for our colleagues.


    Any educator in Kentucky can join the conversation.

    We elevate each other's ideas & resources in a spirit

    of connection & growth.

  • Upcoming Events

    Join one of our upcoming events across various platforms. All are welcome!

  • Brave New Teaching Challenge

    Brave New Teaching Challenges are quick ways to address and ACT in response to pertinent issues for Kentucky students, families, teachers, and schools.


    Every 2 weeks, we'll host a new challenge for Kentucky Teachers. It's simple, engaging, and a great way to gather & share new ideas.


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    I want to directly support the efforts of the movement.



    Let us know your desire to directly engage with KY educators who drive the #BNTKY movement. We want thoughtful facilitators & moderators to support educators during our chats & events. Click the button below & let us know you want to collaborate!


    I am passionate about building a coalition

    of educators & I want to dedicate time to

    support the cause.

    We are a scrappy group of educators who work together to lead #BNTKY chats & events. We take what we do seriously & love to include others who also do. If this sounds like you too, let us know you want to lead with us by clicking the button below.

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